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AMBER Alerts on Bold 9930


AMBER Alerts on Bold 9930

Yesterday an AMBER Alert was issued in my state.  Unfortunately, I received absolutely nothing on my BlackBerry.

Today I verified that 'AMBER Alert Messages' is checked in Messages -> Options -> Emergency Alert Messages.

What else needs to be done to not miss these important messages in the future?


Re: AMBER Alerts on Bold 9930


Thanks for the question. This is all the pertinent information regarding Amber alerts.  You receive AMBER Alerts based on the geographic boundaries for the alert notification. WEA capable devices receive alert messages if AMBER Alerts device setting is turned on and the device is within the geographic boundaries. Other devices receive alert messages if you’ve signed up for AMBER Alerts and the geographic boundaries include one of the areas specified when you’re subscribing to the alerts.If you move to a non-WEA capable phones will lose the alerts.  You can still receive AMBER Alerts by signing up at

(*Wireless Emergency Alert)

Thank You,


Sprint Social Care Team

Michael C.


Re: AMBER Alerts on Bold 9930

Just to clarify, the AMBER Alert issued on 2/18 was received by others in my same physical location - who had devices on other carriers' networks.  Perhaps Sprint had a problem with their participation in the AMBER Alert system on that particular date?  In any case, another AMBER Alert was issued on 2/25, which was received on my phone (the first I have ever received on it).  Hopefully, this is an indication that whatever service interruption may have existed prior to 2/25 has now been corrected.

Thank you for the response, and the provided link.


Re: AMBER Alerts on Bold 9930


You are very welcome. It is possible that there might have been an issue with the tower near you at the time. We are upgrading nationwide and apologize for any inconvenience. We can check your area for you just to make sure. Please provide your zip code and nearest cross streets.

Thank you,


Social Care Team

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