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Activation Problems with my 8330

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Activation Problems with my 8330

I am having some trouble activating a refurb Blackberry 8330 that I bought.

I have gone through the activation steps that provided me with, but they are not working.    

I have put in the 6 digit programming code, MDN, and IMSI_S and keep getting the same error message "Wrong IMSI_S Digits Numbers!"

I've even tried programming it a different way and it doesn't work.  The phone is programmed for Sprint (even has the "Sprint" logo on the front).

Thoughs?  Anything would help. I'll try anything before going to a store to talk to a moron that can't help me or chooses not to because I didn't buy it from them.


Activation Problems with my 8330

When you program the phone to put your phone number on it, please type ##MSL<CALL> On other devices the pattern is ##MSL# but on Blackberry there is no pound symbol at the end...instead you press CALL (the green dial/call button)

If you would like to private message me your phone number, I would be happy to help you activate it and get the voice/data/sms working immediately...maybe we can save you a trip to the store.



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