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Any other Blackberry Tour trackball issues?


Any other Blackberry Tour trackball issues?


I love the Tour 9630...except that nasty trackball issue. I'm on my 3rd Tour. I just got it today ( a refurbished model - which I was not too pleased about - again!)...lo and behold - the trackball is sticking on the one that I just got today! I mean what are the chances of that happening so quickly?At least I got about 2 months use out of the other ones!

I went with the Tour because I travel a lot internationally so having the ability use it abroad is important to me. Aside from the trackball, I love the phone!

Is every mobile carrier's policy to always replace with a refurbished phone? I'm frustrated that I just got the Tour in August and have had to replace it twice...both with refurbished phones. When I signed the contract - it was for a NEW phone...if I broke the contract I would have to pay the, why the USED phones? I even called Blackberry direct (at the recommendation of a CSR with Sprint) and they weren't much of a help. They said I could send it to them (the used phone that replaced the new one originally) and it would take about a month to fix it and send it back. To Sprint's credit, the young lady I dealt with on the phone tonight was VERY pleasant and helpful. She saved Sprint my business...OK, enough of my venting...but any thoughts on this?


Re: Any other Blackberry Tour trackball issues?

Issue Title:RIM 9630 - RIM 9630 - Unresponsive Trackball
Posted Date:9/28/2009
Issue Type:Known Issue


Action: Policy Exchange

Work with the customer to run through two troubleshooting  tips before offering to exchange the device.
1) Adjust trackball sensitivity to 70. Options>Screen/Keyboard>Trackball>make certain Horizontal and Vertical are set to at least 70
2) Check for debris lodged on trackball. Ask customer to rapidly roll their trackball up, down, left and right to clear any debris in device. If these steps do not improve the use of the trackball the device may be exchanged.

The horizontal motion of the trackball has little/no responsiveness on an small percentage of RIM 9630 devices built before August 2nd, 2009.
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