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BB 8350i OS


BB 8350i OS

Has anyone upgraded their handset to this newer operating system?  Sunday (11/8) I checked for an update and the OTA update app said this was ready so I let it update.  It has fixed several issues I was having.  Nothing on the Sprint website about it, it still says is the current version.

Here is what it has done for me:

The ability to ignore incoming "My Information".  No more pesky little icon after a DC call or entry in the message log.

Greatly improved the handset volume level - I can hear my phone now and so far (really too soon to tell) no echo noted.

Greatly improved the DC call volume level when using a bluetooth.  Still no call alert or incoming DC beep through the BT, but at least I can hear people now.

Access to SMS settings (maybe something else is coming soon?)

I can see the menus when using Opera Mini and Bolt Browser while in a stock theme

The phone seems to operate a little faster.

As with most things, YMMV.  Seems like the above improvements would have attracted a little bit of attention.


Another change noted:

When I have a voicemail I get the standard VM indication, and also an SMS message showing the number of VM messages and how many of them are urgent.  When OS 5.0 comes, I bet it will be something special.  I just wish that ringtones & incoming DC tones would play through the BT instead of the phone speaker, or the option to choose like on every other NEXTEL I have ever had.  Seems like there were some posts here and on some of the other boards about the no ringer from the phone w/BT so I guess that would make some floks happy.

Better coverage at my house would be great too, but that's a whole nother story.

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