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BB 9670 Smartphone Sound Quality

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BB 9670 Smartphone Sound Quality

I have a BB 9670 phone and I keep gettting complaints when I talk to people using the phone.  They say they can hear me, but it is sound is garbled and they have a hard time understanding what I am saying.  Has anyone else had this problem with the phone and know of any solutions?

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BB 9670 Smartphone Sound Quality

You need to be sure you have the current software version - should be Bundle 2426

  • To retrieve the version of software currently on the phone:
  1. From the Main menu, scroll to and select the Options icon.
  2. Select Device.
  3. Select About Device Versions.

    If that is current we need to determine if all of your calls are going through one switch and/or analyze the sounds type.  You stated garbled -

    Does it include Cross Talk, Echo, or Call Fade In/Out.  Audio is different on each handset model but from your description this is problematic and hinders your phone calls.  I don't have access to the forums on but you may check to see if they have any users reporting issues - it is probably the #1 site for Blackberry forum users.

    You can also contact customer care if this persists and they can open a ticket for this issue to check internal switch and routing to look for problems with your mobile number.

    Larry  ~ OKIESTRO

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