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BB Tour Essex


BB Tour Essex

Hello All,

I ordered the BB Tour on yesterday.... HUGE Mistake, because I am now hearing that a NEW BB Tour Essex is coming out with the TRACKPAD!!! OMG.... Is this true?  If so, WHEN will Sprint get this phone???? I am really upset also because I specifically asked about them getting a new BB and I was told "NO!"  This really ticks me off!!! I know they have a 30 day return policy, but I am just tired of being given the run-a-round you know.  Had I known about this new phone then I most certainly would not have ordered the OLDER model.... I really need a new phone too because I've had my BB Curve since its introduction, and I did not order the new BB Curve because the camera has NO FLASH.... Sometimes a good camera phone is a necessity you know!


Charlotte R.


Re: BB Tour Essex

1. There have been leaks showing a new Blackberry rumored to be a Tour replacement coming out.

2. These are rumors and nothing official has been announced from either Research in Motion or any carrier.

3. These rumors and images have been around since shortly after the tour was released.

4. You could always return your Tour within 30 days and wait to get another phone later on instead.

Just because there are rumors doesn't mean it is going to come out, or that the rumors are going to be entirely true. Nothing official has been announced, so your comment about getting a run-around is false. Sprint has not announced anything official, so every bit of information about a new Blackberry is a rumor until something is confirmed.

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