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Battery Drain


Battery Drain

I have had a Blackberry Curve 8530 for about 8 months. For the past 2 weeks, the battery has been quickly depleting, now lasting about 6 hours. I understand that I am going to need to get a new battery, but why did this happen so suddenly, and what do I do to prevent it?


When my Blackberry battery went bad, it would show just about fully charged...then when typing a BBM out, the keyboard backlight would start to flash and then it would just reboot...and when it would finally come back on, the battery would be RED and almost completely drained...That is the way it would act on the last 3 Blackberrys that I owned.  When I took it to the Service &  Repair Center, they showed me that the battery was puffy by putting it on a table and spinning it.  Is your battery puffy or has your phone rebooted and then suddenly your battery completely drained?

If you take it to a Service & Repair Center, they will charge you 35.00 to replace the battery if it is bad because the TEP insurance doesn't cover battery replacement. 


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