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BlackBerry 8330 Picture Mail Problem


BlackBerry 8330 Picture Mail Problem


I have recently acquired a BlackBerry 8330 from a family member. The phone is great! However, I have a problem with MMS messages. When someone tries to send me a picture message I receive the following message:

"New Picture Mail from ________________!

Click go/View to see.

http:// letter/Number code)&shareName=MMS


Is there a way that I can get pictures sent to my phone without having to go through the Internet? The link that sprint sends me isn't even a link. I can not "Click" it nor is there an option in the menu. Also I am unable to send Picture Mail and I send and receive pictures a lot. My family has the "Everything Data Share 1500" plan so I have the ability to send and receive picture mail. A rapid response would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I do have the most updated version of softwere for the phone from Sprint.

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BlackBerry 8330 Picture Mail Problem

Sounds like a bug in the way OS 4.5 handles links--but since the 8330 is "out of print", this bug will not be fixed.  You can instead take the pieces of your broken link (which is the core issue here) and glue them together by cut-and-paste into the browser.  It's awkward, to say the least.  Further, I do not know if the current BlackBerry phones (8530/9650/9670) also exhibit linking issues, but such issues are also observed on computers at large as many e-mail programs also break links in odd places.  For computers, though, there are URL shrinking sites.  Maybe it's time wireless providers did the same.


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