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BlackBerry Curve 8330 Maintenace Release


BlackBerry Curve 8330 Maintenace Release

BlackBerry 8330 MR Update

The following Known Issues have been fixed with this software update.

  • Audio Issues for Ringers and Alarms
  • Call Flash MDN Issue

PRIOR TO INSTALL: Depending on what software version your device is operating, you may or may not be able to perform OTA updates (see below).

  • 4.5 software has the ability to perform OTW or OTA future software updates. 
  • Software below 4.5 does not have the ability to perform OTA; only OTW updates. ACTION: If running below 4.5, you must first upgrade to 4.5 in order to perform future OTA or OTW software updates.
  • Ensure PC is not in sleep mode.
  • Choose a back up for data in case the update fails.
  • BES Customer Note:  If your phone is used for corporate email access and is managed by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution, it is recommended you contact your company's BlackBerry Administrator first.


  • Downloads will take approx 60-90 minutes.

Download Options:

  • Over the Air (OTA- recommended option), instructions available 2/26 via Sprint Support website
  • Over the Wire, from your computer, access the Sprint download website 3/3.
  • Directly from the BlackBerry Device Software updates website (applies to non-BES customers only)

does this upgrade install the Blackberry Messenger?


enough007 wrote:

does this upgrade install the Blackberry Messenger?

Blackberry Messenger is preloaded on every Blackberry, the 8330 has BBM 4 installed. If you want the latest BBM 5 you can download it from the Blackberry App World. If you do not have the App World already installed, you can download it from on your phone.


thanks, I know all BBs come with the BBM, I just want to make sure it wont automatically update me to the BBM, I dont like the layout.

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