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Blackberry 3G...UGGGHHHH


Blackberry 3G...UGGGHHHH

I'm a premier customer, which actually from the reading, doesn't really mean anything other than a discount on overpriced accessories.  I've been with Sprint over 10 years. I  "upgraded" from my Curve to the Blackberry Curve 3G in January.  I don't know what the heck I was thinking.  This thing has rebooted 5 times today, the virtual voicemail freezes, someday's I will not get a voicemail until days later, it constantly freezes, and has been dropping calls like crazy.  I'm so frustrated.  I've removed the battery, uninstalled apps, etc and nothing....So sure, I could go into the Sprint store, but I literally do not have time!! 

Let me just say, I love the blackberry product, or maybe I just love the keyboards, but I AM SO DONE with this one.  Not having a flash is a real bummer too, but it's my own fault.  I researched them and had the model #'s written down, forgot the paper at home, and failed to ask the sales person. DUMB Me....

I'm considering buying a used phone, but really have no idea how to do that.  I heard something about getting the EIN#??  to make sure it wasn't stolen???  If anyone has any ideas, I would be so happy!!!! 


Blackberry 3G...UGGGHHHH

Since you are a gold premier member, won't you qualify for a fully discounted upgrade in January? Or, since it is under warranty, can you get a refurb sent in advance and return the old one just to tide you over for 4 months? Based on my dealings with Sprint concerning upgrades, lines or switching phones, it doesn't seem worth the hassle when you have to go through it again in January. Just my $.02...


Re: Blackberry 3G...UGGGHHHH

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you've done all troubleshooting except Factory Reset, then  I would suggest back up data via Blackberry Desktop Manager and perform Factory Reset and check if your phone is functioning ok. If you're planning to buy Blackberry or any other device from 3rd pty Sites(EBay/Amazon etc) make sure you get ESN DEC OR ESN HEX  on the device and call Customer Care to make sure that Device ESN # is not reported "Lost or Stolen".


Re: Blackberry 3G...UGGGHHHH

I feel your frustration over the whole "premier customer" line.. I'm going through a similar situation myself right now as I write this to you. It seems that they are all too "happy" to take your payment each month with a smile,but as soon as you need some assistance with something? It's "frowns all around town" ..No?  Anyways,if I'm understanding you correctly, all you're asking is the location of the EMI # ? If this is correct,it's under the battery in the compartment. If your question was more in the realm of "why would they ask such a thing?" it's because they do that whenever you activate a used phone just to make sure it's not stolen, which helps to protect us all as customers to avoid letting the little thieves out there from activating our phones after they've worked hard at stealing them (And I bet to teach us honest customers a lesson for going the 'used route' and not buying their over expensive products directly! ) ..Eh?  If you're trying to figure out how to get your current phone in gear and stop it from freezing and such,a hard reset is all that you really can do unfortunately. I just went through that whole mess with my BlackBerry Curve 9330.. I love the phone,but it just had too many issues such as your own,so I just switched to the Bold series..And it has a flash! i feel your pain on that as well...All around ouch!!! Cheers.

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