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Blackberry 6 OS for Tour 9630


Blackberry 6 OS for Tour 9630

When, if ever, are we going to get it?  I've emailed customer service a couple times since this was released in the middle of this year and the email responses I received are a jumble of poor english and don't make sense (they kept referring me to the desktop software version 6, despite asking about the hand held).

I bought the blackberry tour so I could get 3G internet speeds as I end up doing a ton of browsing on the internet and email etc through my phone.  Unfortunately with the browser that comes with the blackberry 5 OS, my 'high speed 3G' connection is worse than dialup.  I know its the software because my buddy on sprint with an android phone can click on the same website at the same time with his phone right next to mine and his phone will load up a test site in about 18 seconds (using 3g, his 4g is turned off) and mine will take a minute and a half!!.    Additionally if i'm downloading anything that I don't have to view in the browser (data files etc) the speeds are very quick...its just browsing the web that is ridiculously slow.

I know that they fixed the browser in Blackberry 6 OS and changed it to a webkit based browser (which is what android and iphone both use).  This was supposed to make the browser on the phone actually work like a functional high speed browser.  I also have searched and blackberry is refusing to release just the webkit browser section of OS 6 to us poor OS 5 users...the only way to get it according to them is to get a phone with OS 6   OR  wait until your carrier provides an update from OS 5 to OS 6.

Just hoping to throw this out to the forums to see if anyone has any better info than I got or to maybe get a response from sprint that isn't a patch together cut n'paste job that doesn't make sense.

So sprint, is this ever going to happen, or are we poor OS 5 users going to have to suffer a piss poor web browsing experience on our phones forever?


Re: Blackberry 6 OS for Tour 9630

plain simple: Never. OS 6 wont work on Tour becasue of memory limitations.

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