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Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.


Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

Hi there.

I purchased my Blackberry Pearl a few weeks ago, and I got the $30 Blackberry pack with it. I can afford that, so I was elated, only to find out that it will not sync up with my work email (the whole reason I got it).

Since upgrading to the Enterprise Server pack means losing features (and no one can tell me what I getbesides "Enterprise Server"), I am trying whatever I can to just do a redirect or hook it up via the sprint.blackberry site.

Thus far, none of my attemps have been successful. The desktop manager gets stuck on "Verifying Address" after all is said and done, and I can get nowhere with the online form. Is it because I have a Microsoft Exchange Server? Is there any way to get my work email to my work phone? I have Microsoft Outlook on an XP Dell.

I have tried calling the Sprint 1-800 number seven times in the last week, and only twice reached people who seemed to know anything about my phone. I also went to two stores, where no one was trained on the Blackberry, or so I was told, and no one could tell me what was on the $40 plan except "You get Blackberry Enterprise Server and lose your texting."

IfI cannot get this to work, I cannot afford to upgrade and will have to return the phone and plan (I'm still within my 30 days), and I really do not want to do that since so much of my work is internet-driven, and I need access when I am away from the office.

Any help is appreciated!


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

The CD that came with your phone... blackberry desktop manager, you can use the redirector part of that... but that means your computer has to be logged in all day and all night and if it gets loggedoff at night, then no emails... otherwise your work needs to support POP or IMAP, which is unlikely.

also, if you consider the redirector, you better ask your IT department. If your at my job, I would say no. its not nearly as secure and we cant monitor it. and if you lose your phone I can't delete everything on it, so company information is accessible by whoever finds it. big no no. so thats about the only thing you can do... or change to one of the new plans which includes BIS (Blackberry Internet Service)(like you already have) and add BES for $20 more.

with the $40 plan they are talking about, you lose the texting and the sprint navigation and I think the TV premier... but you get BES (Blackberry EnterpriseServer) and you get PAM (Phone as modem) with the old $40 plan (you may want to confirm).


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

Thanks for the reply.

I already talked to my IT guy and he's fine with me putting the redirector on my computer, which I did, but I must be doing something wrong because it keeps getting stuck at "Verifying Forwarding Address." Perhaps I am doing something incorrectly, and would love some guidance, but every time I get to that screen, it freezes.

Also, I mostly need this for when I leave the office for a few hours. Sometimes I have calls that take me out of the office, and that's when I need the email. At night I can check from home via the remote server, but it's those few hours in the middle of the day when I'm an hour from my desk that sometimes things come up, which is why I invested in the Blackberry in the first place.

Is there a certain setting I need to reconfigure or something? I had no problems setting up the Desktop Manager and it automatically detected my outlook account and all that, but when I try to load the redirector, it gets stuck.

Is there somewhere I can assign the forwarding address? Because, right now I think it's just trying to forward to my Blackberry account... Help?


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

I did a quick search and found this document... This is only part of the doc... I would show your IT guy this and have him give you a hand.

also, do you have any email accounts set up on your blackberry yet? even the account?

Q: When I open the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector, the following message is displayed in the Status field: Verifying Forwarding Address. What should I do?

A: Please see Support Knowledge Base Article below for more information.

Support - Verifying Forwarding Address

Last Updated: 11 July 2006

Article Number: KB-00011


This article applies to the following:
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • BlackBerry device
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Outlook

BlackBerry Desktop Redirector displays the following error in the Status field:
Verifying Forwarding Address

To display BlackBerry Desktop Redirector, click Start > Programs > BlackBerry > BlackBerry Desktop Redirector.

Summary of Causes

This problem may be caused by one or more of the following:
  1. The BlackBerry Desktop Redirector is configured to use your internal email address.
  2. The Microsoft Outlook mailbox is configured for POP3.
  3. The Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.
  4. The personal folder (PST) or offline folder (OST) is corrupt.
  5. The user account has not been added to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  6. Messages are being flagged as potential viruses.
  7. [Scanned] is being added to the subject line of messages.
  8. A rule is moving messages from
  9. A Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) profile is missing or corrupt.
  10. New messages is forwarded to a PST file.
  11. The firewall does not allow Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) connections.
  12. The user account is on a front-end Exchange Server.
  13. The Exchange Server is not sending network@etpxx.dat messages as Content-type Multipart/mixed.
  14. Messages in the Microsoft Exchange Outbound queue with the address contain errors


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

Here is part of that issue #1 from above... might be worth checking...

  1. Contact your email administrator to acquire your external email address.
  2. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, open Redirector Settings.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. If the Account field displays the correct email address, click OK.


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

I have the set up, a Cox email and a Gmail email already set up on the phone.

I spoke to the IT guy, and he said he's tried something similar (after sending him screenshots) and it looks like I'm just going to have to upgrade to the Enterprise Server.

Thanks for trying to help. I really appreciate it.


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

I might have found the problem. When I went to "Choose Folders" it gave me a screen that said only "Personal Folders" and I could not select anything. Could that be a configuration issue? Can I solve it?


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

That could be... and thats where you want to make sure its trying to send your actual new emails.. it sounds like things may be going stright to personal folders... and if thats the case, thats on your IT's side... they should be helping you out a bit more than they are... im surprised they are letting you do all this on your own...

it all depends on where your at... in the sync part or in the advanced settigns of the redirector...

I know we let one person use the redirector here when we first started people asking about blackberry and it was a very easy set up... so its surprising your having so many issues unless its something your IT dept has set up...

honestly, I think you would prefer the enterprise option better than redirector... redirector is kind of cheating the system, but it works... (sometimes) at least with enterprise, your calendar, contacts, memo, notes and everything is wirelessly sync'd. its a bit more expensive... but maybe you can asked to be comped a bit for getting it.

my company comps 40 no matter what phone you have... Blackberry is an option and you have to cover those costs, but I personally think its worth it, because i'm out of the office a lot too and I can still work at least.


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

I feel like a child attempting to solve a jigsaw puzzle, or something.

I successfully changed the primary location for incoming mail to my "Inbox," thus allowing me to receive email a LOT faster than I ever have before, and that one little change got the Desktop Redirector to change to "Running."

However, I think I read somewhere that there is a delay between when this service starts running and when it starts actually sending things. Is that true?

I think that the Enterprise option would probably be a lot easier, but I will not have any help paying the extra to just get back what I have now. Apparently, my workplace would pay for your phone once upon a time, but that has ended, and they do not offer any help with monthly bills. It is all on me, and while I love my job, I would really love to get this working without spending even more money.

The redirector says it is "Running." Should I wait a good 20 minutes and then try testing it?


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

I'm not sure about the delay for redirector... they say even on the server it can be up to 15 minutes for sync... which usually is faster, but it can happen... unplug your blackberry from your computer. i don't think it will redirect if its plugged in.


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

Try this:

Go to

create an account, enter your email address and password and you should be getting your emails in about 20 minutes. If your company uses Enterprise activation, you will need to add it to your plan, otherwise this will work for any other account including Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Good Luck


Re: Blackberry 8130/Outlook Email Setup Unsuccessful.

I already tried that method and it did not work, but thanks for the suggestion. Muchly appreciated.

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