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Blackberry 8830 PAM


Blackberry 8830 PAM

I know there is about 1000 of these posts floating around, however, I got my blackberry to work as PAM by tweaking some settings manually in windows. My question I going to get a suprise bill at the end of the month for that.

I checked it out and figured that the phone doesn't show that it is connected to a laptop, I have the laptop dial #777 through the network dialup connection and can access the internet, so it doesn't look any different than if I was surfing the net with my Blackberry.

Anyone else tried this?

Just curious what happens when sprint notices the data usage has jumped up quite a bit.



When my smartview software was not working correctly, I was using PAM through the dial-up connection as well. The tech told me there is no difference in using the dial-up way or connecting through the smartview software. They are basically connecting the same way.

You shouldn't see a surprise charge on your bill.


As long as you have the correct data plan with the blackberry, you will not be charged extra whether you use smartview or #777. I used to use #777 for the longest time before smartview came out. If you did not have the PAM option you would be denied access with either of the 2 ways when trying to use PAM.

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