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Blackberry 8830 world edition


Blackberry 8830 world edition

My wife and I are avid users of our Blackberry's, and we have had them for quite some time. We are looking to upgrade. However over the last few months my wife and I have noticed an extreme drop in the quality of our service that Sprint is providing. My wife seems to think that it could be our phones, however both of us are experiencing the problems. Some of the problems include multiple dropped calls, not receiving text messages in a timely manure, and a lag in the 3G network. Is anyone else having the same problems and if so is it the network and has anyone called to inform Sprint of the lack of quality in their service?



Re: Blackberry 8830 world edition

If you call sprint with network problems, they will create a "Network Ticket".  its more of a dispatch of network engineers to take a look at the network and towers to try and resolve your issues.  Any dropped call rate above 5% would require a "Network Ticket"

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