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Blackberry 9670 Battery goes out in less than 2 hours - I am using WI-FI


Blackberry 9670 Battery goes out in less than 2 hours - I am using WI-FI

My phone has been crashing about 2 to 3 times a day. It runs out of battery life in no time.

It seems since I have been using Wi-Fi more often, it seems the phone battery is gone in no time.

My phone crashes... I have had this phone for two years now at least by December 2012.

Has anyone else have this same problem? I have a warranty on this phone that I have paid for.

But this phone I am not able to replace because there are no more phones such as Blackberry 9670 Style.

Sprint What can I do about this defect?


Re: Blackberry 9670 Battery goes out in less than 2 hours - I am using WI-FI

Hello and Thank you for using Communities.  We do not have any official known issues or investigative issues regarding the symptoms you are describing.  Battery drain can be caused by a variety of problems.  Most notably, searching for signal.  A phone that's on the "fringe" of a signal, whether it's WiFi, cellular, or even bluetooth, will cause a significant drain on the battery as the processor increases CPU usage to try and maintain the connection.  However, since your phone is "crashing" sometimes 3 times a day, this indicates a software problem typically.  And since phones can be customized by the customer meaning your choice of applications and settings, we would not be able to point to any specific app or setting as being the culprit of the trouble you are having.  With that being said, was there a time when your phone WAS working better than it is now?  Do you recall adding an app to your phone around the time when the trouble started?  If so, try removing that application and test for symptoms that persist. 

As for WiFi being the source of your trouble.  Are you using multiple WiFi networks or just one at your home for example?  This will tell us if it's the "one" WiFi signal you're using or if it's a problem with the WiFi radio in your phone.  Also, keep in mind that not all web usage will have the same draw on the battery.  General web surfing such as reading emails, facebook, and google should have minimal drain on your battery.  However, "streaming content," especially video like youtube or movies will use significantly more battery power. 

Lastly, a hard reset would be our final option to ensure it's NOT a particular app, setting, or overall software issue that's creating this issue. 

You can also have your phone triaged at a local Sprint Service & Repair Center.  Just click the "Find a Store" link at the top of the page. 

Tom Deaver

Sprint Tech ~ Communities

Available ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday


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