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Blackberry 9930 in white?


Blackberry 9930 in white?

Has anyone heard of the Blackberry 9930 coming out in white? I know this color is available in the UK and I think Canada, but I'm wondering if it Sprint will venture out to carry the white version. I've been holding out on getting this model to see if white will come out....I heard t-mobile will offer the 9900 in white, but I would hate to switch to t-mobil. Right now I have the blackberry style...the flip one. Thanks in advance.


Blackberry 9930 in white?

There has not been an official statement on this topic naijaone - you can check for the latest Sprint news. Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community!

On a personal note - Yes, I think they are available in Canada and the UK at this time. I have the Bold 9930, and if we (Sprint) do get the white Bold 9930 I will, for sure, without a doubt, 100% get one...or two. A white BlackBerry!? Yes please! And I was going to get an iPhone...until I saw this white Bold - maniac!

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