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Blackberry Curve 3G - Error Loading Module


Blackberry Curve 3G - Error Loading Module


     I have a blackberry curve 3g with OS6 (latest update build 1516 ). For like a month I have been having this error whenever I download a new app "Error Loading Module <module_name>". And none of the app loads. I have done a secuirty wipe 2 times already (for third party apps only) as I saw in some other forums. And it still doesn't make a difference. And I'm currently doing the wipe for the 3rd time . Yes I know its frustrating. I haven't found a solution for this on blackberry website or any other place. Somebody please help me with this as I dont want to have a complete wipe of the phone. Thanks in advance!


Blackberry Curve 3G - Error Loading Module

May sound like a silly question but the application you are trying to download is it for OS 6 or OS 5.   The reason is application written for the older operating system may not work on the new system.


Blackberry Curve 3G - Error Loading Module

lol thanks for trying to help... but blackberry store provides apps that are compatible to the phone and the current OS it has. and i always download apps from there. so thats not the reason.. i have seen other forums where people are having the same issues so thought i'll try my luck here first

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