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Blackberry Curve 8330 as laptop modem


Blackberry Curve 8330 as laptop modem

I have done a lot of looking in these forums and I have seen that some people can and some people cannot use their phone as a modem.  I do know that while you're not supposed to some people do use their phone for it.  Before anyone says it I know that phone as modem cannot be added on to any plan and is not available.  I have read where some people were able to use their phone to access the internet on a laptop through their data plan.  I have an Unlimited Data plan with the 450 minutes and everything else is completely unlimited on my phone and plan.  I just got my service 3 months ago so I still have the usb cable that came with the phone and the cd.  To use your phone as a modem how do you go about doing it? Is there anything special I need to do to my phone or download? I am getting a laptop this week and I would like to use my phone for service or until I could figure something else out due to I live in the country so cable is not available and satellite seems to cost too much.  I have looked at the wireless cards on here but they have the 5gb cap and I honestly don't know if that would be just right, too much or not enough so I don't want to get it and go over every month.  I also don't want to get it since I found out I have to pay another deposit for it even though I would be adding it to my already existing account.  I just paid 3 months ago so in my opinion I shouldn't have to pay a new deposit.  I would gladly pay a little extra to have it added but not $150 and then have to pay $60 every month and in addition run the risk of going over the 5gb.  Can anyone please tell me what I need or would have to do to be able to use my phone for a laptop?

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