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Blackberry Curve 8350i for BoostMobile


Blackberry Curve 8350i for BoostMobile

I think Sprint should make the Blackberry Curve 8350i for Nextel available for Boost Moblie. Metro PCS is one of Boost Mobile's biggest compititions and they have the Blackberry Curve 8330. Metro PCS has attracted a lot of customers with this phone and if the name of the game is WINNING MORE CUSTOMERS, Sprint should do something. Especially if the Blackberry Curve 8350i is readly available to Sprint. The only thing left to do is program the phone to BoostMobile and where the Nextel stamps are; replace it with a Boost stamp. What do you guys think?


Re: Blackberry Curve 8350i for BoostMobile

not sure if this is the right answer.  sprint cant do a thing with this phone because it isnt there phone. everything about the 8350i is nextel, and blackberry . so sprint cant change the name  to boostmobile.. thats why sprint has the 8330. i must say that the 8350i is a nice phone . i dont drop calls like other phones do in my area . and the direct connect is nice, it works like a charm. but then again nextel is known for that. they are the ones who created the direct connect. not sprint. hope this answers your question.

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