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Blackberry Curve - Multiple Phone Numbers?


Blackberry Curve - Multiple Phone Numbers?

I just got a blackberry curve and Phone Help says you can set up multiple phone numbers for the phone under the general options under the phone menu... I've searched everywhere online and have found no information about this option. Also, before I purchased the phone Sprint technical support told me that it DOES include wifi... says it has wifi also... why doesn't it?

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Re: Blackberry Curve - Multiple Phone Numbers?

Currently, no Sprint blackberry has WiFi. depending on the model number of the curve you look at some will have WiFi, but those are used with Tmobile and with ATT or other GSM carriers with EDGE (because its slow). if I remember right the 8320 has Wifi and the 8310 has GPS.. the origonal 8300might have hadWiFi too, but i can't remember. You have to look up the specs for the 8330 CDMA blackberry and nowhere will it say WiFi. Sorry... Sprint lied to you, if it was infact a sprint rep and on it shows the 8320 with WiFi, not the 8330

as for the multiple Phone #'s, thats something I can't give you a good answer on, so I won't even try. Smiley Happy hopefully someone else here can help with that.

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