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Blackberry Curve not sending/receiving texts


Blackberry Curve not sending/receiving texts

My phone was working fine until I got to the Riverside (CA) area, and now I can't send or receive texts, emails, or facebook notifications, and when I do, it's been like 40 minutes. Before, email and FB worked fine, but now they lag too.

I've taken the battery out 3 times, I've disconnected the phone and connected it again, and it's still not letting me do anything. It also switches back and forth from letting me make phone calls. I've had this problem before, but it stopped after 2 days, and it didn't affect FB or calls.

Any advice, or should I just take it in?


Blackberry Curve not sending/receiving texts

I am sorry for the inconvenience here monicamiras - you did a great job performing the basic troubleshooting steps to resolve this type of issue. When those steps do not resolve the issue - It seems to me that there might be a network outage in that area. Will you please be so kind as to post the zip code of the area that you are experiencing the issues?

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