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Blackberry Style Defect and Sprint Still has not helped solve the issue. I need help pls


Blackberry Style Defect and Sprint Still has not helped solve the issue. I need help pls

Hello I purchsed back in Feburary the Blackberry Style and I love the phone but i started having problems with the charging port battery and also it would shut off and all. So sprint replaced it with a refurbished one back in September and here I am going through the same thing took it to the store they did not even document in the computer and said the port is bad and I need to go through my insurance, so I called sprint becuase before I went to the store I called customer service and the blackberry supprt team said to call them if they did not help at the store will the rep said insurance as well. I asked for a supervisor and explained and he said I had to go through the insurance and if I did not like that I can canx my contract with sprint and i have been a customer for 6 years and have 4 lines. So another department assist me and said for me to go back to the store due that he noted in the system to order me a phone the same one and i accepted that. Went to the store and the service person left me standing there for 45 min after I told him its in the system for you to order me a new phone.

I left the store called sprint again spoke to another supervisor and she told me that due it was my second phone with the same issue even if sprint replaced it not the insurance and it is refurbised to call RIM and I did and sounded stupid and they told me they cant help me becuase sprint replaced my phone with a refurbished one and that Sprint is suppose to replace it.

I called again and another supervisor told me the same about going through insurance and I told him I am not about to pay 100$ for insurance when it is a refurbished phone that sprint sent me for replacement of my new phone and they sent me to canx my contract so I spoke to the Canx department and its $490.00 total for me to canx and they will credit my bill for 100$ for me to go through insurance and again I feel my person and integrity was pushed to the floor becuase I have a provider who is basically telling me to canx and they dont care.

I used the chat online after that and told them its not about the inusurance now its about the treatment I have gotten by Sprint when they sent me a refurbished replacment phone and the option I had was to downgrade to another refurbished blackberry different model or the same one. There is a defect with that phone and here I am with a phone that has a problem charging, turns off , reboots and freezes and over heats and no one has called me or has helped me solve this issue. I am frustrated and gravated for the fact that sprint has never given me so bad customer service and they have been awsome since day one.

How can it be possible no one can provide me with a solution after the way the supervisors from customer service told me if I dont like it I can canx my contract.

Anyone please that has advise contact me at I only want a phone that works and it is not defective.

thank you



     I am sending you a PM, please check your inbox.

Thank you,


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