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Blackberry Tour questions from a PDA novice.


Blackberry Tour questions from a PDA novice.

So.....I've never owned a PDA device before.  The truth of the matter is I really don't need one.  I've been waiting for Sprint to unveil an Andriod phone that grabbed my attention.  Thus far I haven't seen one, not to mention the more I hear about Androids downsides the less interested I've become.  I decided to give Blackberry a look and the Tour keeps coming up.  I'm looking for a phone that does well on the internet, handles basic texting and has solid call quality.  I had hoped to get a touch screen device that offered great visual internet/picture experience but the more I read about them I'm not sure a touch screen or Android is worth it.  It seems like the good old standard Blackberry PDA might do the trick.  I'm wondering if I should take advantage of the $99.00 dollar sale on the Tour or should I wait for the Tour2/Bold?  Can any current owners or others, give me a reason why I should wait for the next model?  I know the rumor is the new phone will have WiFi and an optical track pad.  Is this worth waiting/paying for?  TIA


Re: Blackberry Tour questions from a PDA novice.

Personally, as a Tour owner, I'd wait for either the HTC Legend (android) or the Tour2 (supposed to include WiFi). I'm considering switching to the Legend once it comes out as I'd love to have a touch screen and a physical qwerty keypad isn't necessary for me. I had an iPhone for a short while and hated everything EXCEPT the touchscreen keyboard.

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