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Blackberry Tour will not take a charge


Blackberry Tour will not take a charge

I just started having issues with my Tour this morning. I had some weird message on it about not having enough power to charge or something really strange. I exited out of it before I fully read it. I had just woke up. Anyways I have two batteries that I use for my Tour, neither of which will take a charge. I have tried the travel charger and the USB cable that connects to my PC and neither will allow the phone to take a charge. I'm about 99% sure that the issue is with the phone itself. I've seen hard reset tips online here and tried them but it doesn't work at all. My phone is refurbished because its a replacement for a broken screen Tour that I bought last year. I've been incredibly frustrated with the last two phones (Motorola Q, Tour) I've had with Sprint so maybe it's time for a carrier change.

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