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Blackberry bold 9900


Blackberry bold 9900

Hello, and good morning. My question would be: Will sprint carry the Bold 9900? I have the 9650 believe me when I say this its been a night mare so many problems that every so often I just want to leave the carrier. Its been over 20 years
I don't want to get the 9930 my son has it and he says that it to freezes at times. Thank you ,Merry Christmas


In the 9900 series, the 9930 is the only version Sprint will have.  In the past, the 30 at the end of the model number generally means the Sprint variant.  For example there is the 8830, 9330, & the 8330 etc. 

I am sorry the phone is locking up and freezing up.  Are you sure you are on the most currently available software?  Also, I know the Blackberry is planning to send out another software update to stop the phone from freezing up. 

You have a merry Christmas also!


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