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Blackberry or Palm Pre?


Blackberry or Palm Pre?

Since the HPalm/Sprint relationship does not seem to be going anywhere, when it comes time should I switch to Blackberry? (I love the new Blackberry Style!)

Most of my friends and co-workers use a Blackberry.  I used to be an iPhone (ca-ching$) user so that is why I initially went with the Pre but I do not want to get stuck with a phone Sprint no longer will support or upgrade to a better model (i.e. Palm Pre Plus or 2) and RIM seems to be a solid player for all carriers.  I love my Pre but cannot justify keeping a phone I cannot get apps for or upgrade to a better model, as I can with a Blackberry. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!


Re: Blackberry or Palm Pre?

although they no longer offer the selling of the pre, the apps will still work. I currently switch between my pre and bb tour. I do not know which i prefer better. The pre is fun and better apps while the blackberry is better for email and customization. If i were you, i would wait a couple months, and see what devices sprint gets for the newer palm and blackberry phones that are coming. i get to upgrade on jan 1 2011 but am waiting to see the newest stuff come the new year.

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