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Blackberry tour battery cover.


Blackberry tour battery cover.

I have a blackberry tour with Sprint its a great phone but really dislike the batter cover. First its glossy black and is a fingerprint magnet , second its rather loose. Does anyone know or have obtained the VZW smooth rubber version of this cover??

Thanks in advance.


Re: Blackberry tour battery cover.

get a blackberry gel or skin.  Just type that info into your search engine; many suppliers; discount prices; many resources.


Re: Blackberry tour battery cover.

what about just getting a case? ebay has some that are grippyer. I think boxwave has some slim rubberized case, that has like a plastic but rubberized feel? LINK:

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Blackberry tour battery cover.

If you are looking for different backs only (not cases) try going here: This place has a lot of parts for BlackBerry Tours and all other BlackBerry phones.  The housings and other stuff you can buy on there are nice, but remember if you change your housing make sure a PROFESSIONAL does it 🙂  Back covers are simple lol

Hope this helps!

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