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Bold 9930 Software Update - 7.1.0 (bundle 921) -Broke my phone!


Bold 9930 Software Update - 7.1.0 (bundle 921) -Broke my phone!

Ever since yesterday when I updated my phone's OS, whenever I get an incoming call & answer it, neither party can hear each other- it's like both are muted, no sound at all, but it stays connected until one of us hangs up.

If I reboot it works until I check my voicemail and the call to voicemail fails for whatever reason, then it goes back to not providing sound either way on incoming calls.

Then I reboot again and don't check my voicemail & it stays functional for a few hours then goes back to not allowing incoming calls to exchange any audio.

This is awful!

How can I revert back so I can use my phone?


Re: Bold 9930 Software Update - 7.1.0 (bundle 921) -Broke my phone!


I haven't heard anything about those issues at this time. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

I would recommend you visiting a Service & Repair location

Thank you,



Re: Bold 9930 Software Update - 7.1.0 (bundle 921) -Broke my phone!

It stopped misbehaving after about a dozen reboots & after I cleared the voicemail. It seemed as though the voicemail was acting up & that triggered the behavior. So it's been fine since I cleared the voicemail.

I haven't let the voicemail build up again since, so I don't know definitively if that's part of the problem. But it's been okay yesterday & today so far, so I won't be travelling across town to visit the Sprint repair shop, but I definetly will if it happens again. Thanks.

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