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CURVE 8330 Transfer Camera Pics to PC


CURVE 8330 Transfer Camera Pics to PC

Is there anyway to transfer pics off the built-in camera w/o buying SD memory card? I realize you can email them, but that's a hassle. I'd like to upload them to my PC via the USB cable. When I connect the Curve to my PC it recognizes the device and assigns a drive. I'm able to see the directory (E😕Blackberry\pictures) for the Blackberry, but no jpgs files can be found only a dat file.How crappy is this? Am I missing something. The lack of Picturemail (MMS) also makes me want to return the phone and take my business elsewhere.

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I figured it out. The media card was not in the memory slot all the way. The phone comes with a 1gb SD media card which was not inserted in all the way. Must have slipped out when the sprint store rep put in the battery when I purchased it. Noneed to use blackberry desktop with PC directly. Thanks anyway for the advice.
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Re: CURVE 8330 Transfer Camera Pics to PC

Install the blackberry software. on that is Media Manager... its from Roxio... that will help you out... and they say MMS or picture mail will be available sometime this year for Blackberry's and smart phones.. .but thats up to you if you wanna wait for it.

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