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Can't add work e-mail account?


Can't add work e-mail account?

Hi, I've got a Blackberry Curve 8330 that's already signed up with the BIS and everything.  I'm trying to add my work e-mail through the BIS but I can't log in!.  I've tried both through my handheld and through the website but every time I try it tells me that my password and/or username are wrong (even though they're the same ones I got FROM THE SITE when I asked them to send me my password and I'm copying the it says on its own screen?).  What am I doing wrong?  I've done the thing with the provisioning and the registering and those assure me I'm okay.  I've wandered around my work building like a dork making sure I'm on the PCS network.  I am bamboozled.  Help?


Re: Can't add work e-mail account?

Not enough info to troubleshoot your issue.  I'd suggest reaching out to your work IT folks and have then assist.  For example, if your company uses a server email solution, then BIS is not the option and you'll need BES email which requires a buy-upp or BES approved plan.  You'll also need access approval from your IT admin.  If not server based, then they may have something set-up that you are missing.


Re: Can't add work e-mail account?

I have never seen a network egress and few firewalls that desktop manager and BIS couldn't penetrate and reach your corporate inbox.

What you're failing to accompish is opposite of the collective wail from firewall admins around the planet upset about the fact RIMM pokes through every ip filter and they actively create and rename servers to evade detection of companies desinged to detect RIM boxes. (The list of servers is packed into one of the DLL's of their last chance desktop connector that sits in the tray  and unconfigurable since it just imports your default browsers proxy settings and embeds them into registry keys and a DLL.

At this point and assuming your internal IT group is hostile and or ignorant, thus useless for now.... you can go through the miserable tech support proceess and call Sprint and convince Level 1 they can't even describe your problem or solve it...they transfer you to Level 2 and this rep will have you tamper with your PC's settings until you tell them your computer doesn't boot anymore and the way it used to before they helped you and you'll notice how quickly they promise to call you back  or if you're lucky...... they'll transfer you to Level3 support in Canada and employees who actually work for RIMM... and by now you have more new problems prefenting you from even....boooting windows let alone hook up your blackberry and Canada may insruct you on formatting your hard drive while being evasive about it so they can at least delete their evidence in your calamity.

By the end of that day, you'll have no workstation and your email still isn't hooked up.


Skip it all and just call RiMM's Level3 Pay Per Incident group, pay the fee upfront and avoid the misery, I don't remember what the cost was but it is flat and not by the minute and depending on how vaulable your time is....the best choice since even a minimum wage earners time is better spent at work then self torturing of asking tech support to troubleshoot the hundreds of variables of the networks between yours and RIMM and your email .

The reason the first poster told you you dind't have enough info is because this issue in your broad terms could be caused by sun spots and everything else hovering in the atmosphere between the sun and your network cables.  the RIMM staff have the best chances of solving this and more experience than a "Level3" tech who just last week was teaching Samsung owners how remove their batteries.

Do you want some remote tech who knows nothing about networks, email or PDA's giving you remote instruction to modify your employers workstation ?  Look at it  that way before you call anyones tech support ever again.

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