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Difference between 8330 and 8330m


Difference between 8330 and 8330m

I have a 8330 and my wife has a 8330m. I tried to install a program, basic flashlight program, from the BlackBerry App Store and the App Store did not recognize her phone as a valid phone for this app when it did so for my phone. My question is what are the differences in these phones? I thought it was just the new OS was added to the phone but it looks like there is something else.


New BlackBerry 8330 Curve Customer's MMS Messages May Look Different


Summary: Sprint has recently changed the hardware for all new BlackBerry 8330 Curve phones. This change was made to support Sprint's new standard of using the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) instead of an Equipment Serial Number (ESN) for phone identification. As a result of the new hardware, the way customers receive incoming Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages will look different.

Customers: All BlackBerry 8330 Curve


  • The new hardware also allows the BlackBerry 8330 to directly receive MMS messages. 

  • All BlackBerry 8830 phones with software version 4.5 made before this hardware change continue receiving incoming Picturemail as an Short Messaging Service (SMS) with a link to attachments.

  • The hardware change cannot be performed on existing phones. Only new phones come with the updated hardware. 


  • If customers ask about the different look for incoming messages, assure them their phone is working correctly.
  • Explain to them that a hardware change on the BlackBerry 8330 has impacted the way the messages initially appear.


So, with what you posted the 8330m is different enough to be classified as a another model? I know that looking at the BlackBerry App World on my wife's phone is different. I think that this hardware upgrade limits the phone's potential. Not too pleased...

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