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HELP! Bold 9650 - resend service books overseas?


HELP! Bold 9650 - resend service books overseas?

I'm in Spain, and everything was working fine until I bought a Movistar SIM card and put it in my phone, just to see if it would work, which it did.

BUT, when I put my Sprint SIM back in, everything seemed to be fine but now I can't open the browser. It justs stays on the home screen as if I didn't press the trackball. Also, I do not have the option to switch from Hotspot to Internet Browser.

I've read that I need to resend the service books or "register now" in Host Routing Table (which I tried but it didn't work)

Sprint tells me i'm out of luck because I am overseas, and the only way to resend the service books is to be on the Sprint network.

Is there a way to download the wifi/browser service book on the computer and get it onto my phone?

Thoughts? Comments? Help?

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