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** HELP!!!* Sync'ing Issues w/ 7100i


** HELP!!!* Sync'ing Issues w/ 7100i

Someone/Anyone PLS help! I've run into sync'ing issues when i sync my 7100i with Outlook 2003 via Desktop Manager 4.5, my contacts in Outlook with a Radio Number is not transfering that number as a DC# in my berry! THis has only begun about 2 weeks ago, and i've tried EVERYTHING to figure out why this has begun happening. I never had this issue when i used Desktop Mngr 4.2, so i'm very close to go back to that version.

I've checked everything i possibly could in the Desktop Mngr, i've checked that the fields are properly mapped (Direct Connect - Radio Number) so i don't understand where the problem is!?!? This recent problem has only gotten me more excited for the 8350i supposedly out early Dec (according to a sales rep at my local mall), but DANG THAT'S A LONG TIME!!!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Just an update: i've sync'd it later today and it successfully loaded DC#'s... so now i'm very confused when sometimes i will load them and other times they "disappear" in the berry. So now i'm good to go, but concerned if there's something going on.

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