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Help with SMS on Blackberry Curve 8300


Help with SMS on Blackberry Curve 8300

I have had this phone for a week now.  I really like the phone, a lot but I have one HUGE issue.  I will get people's SMS text messages several minutes or even several hours after they sent them.  Just this morning I received one that was sent at 10:14am and I didn't get it until 12:06pm.  This happens all the time so I have no reliable way of knowing if someone received my text and they are ignoring it OR if they have replied and I just not have received the reply yet.  This is something that I CAN NOT operate with because I use SMS as a major form of communicating with my boss and co-workers.

Any suggestions?




Re: Help with SMS on Blackberry Curve 8300

Are you using the sprint 8330 or the nextel 8350I?


Re: Help with SMS on Blackberry Curve 8300

i have the curve 8330 it does take a will 4 sms sometimes u can change the priority for the sms by going 2 options then to sms text then change the priority from normal 2 urgent that might help

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