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How do I change my sms text tone?


How do I change my sms text tone?

I just a BlackBerry Curve 8330. I am trying to change my sms and mms texts to a different tones. It is a bit confusing to me,and there aren't really and good instructions. Can any one help with that? What is In holster or out of holster?


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Re: How do I change my sms text tone?


   To change your ringtones you would first click on "Profiles" ( looks like a speaker phone ) then scroll down to the bottom of the pop up menu and you'll see a hidden "Advanced" option, click that. Then click the Profile you're using and you'll be able to change the sounds for a number of things in there.

In holster means while the phone is in the sleeve/carrier/case it comes with - that black pocket thing. Out of holster is when your phone is out of that case.

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