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How do I resolve my 'Reboot Loop' problem pronto?


How do I resolve my 'Reboot Loop' problem pronto?

My phone has been reseting when switching to Bluetooth, picking and choosing when it wants to abide by my quick launch settings, and has now twice been afflicted with a case of 'loop-us'. The first time this occurred the amount of time that the phone took to reboot was significant. This time it merely flickers, shows the BlackBerry load screen, and shuts off again.

I recently received this phone when  I had to cash in on my phone's insurance, which was a disappointment. For many years I have paid $7 a month for "insurance", never having utilized it, and when I finally do, I get a refurbished 8530 in trade for my broken 4 week old 8530. Along with my refurbished unit came headaches. I am fortunate to be one of those users who religiously backs up her device... I have lost track of the solution that I used to resolve this issue previously, but I need to know as what it was and how I can implement it on a phone that does not even stay on long enough for my system to install its drivers.

I work, play, and learn on this phone. It is the only way my clients have to get in touch with me and the only way that I can communicate with them while on the go. I need to know what I can do and fast.

I love BlackBerry, but this refurbished unit is chapping my hide!

Help Me, Anyone!

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Re: How do I resolve my 'Reboot Loop' problem pronto?


I do apologize that you are having issues with this device.  My suggestion is to either take it to a Sprint Service/Repair Center if possible, or to call and speak with Advance Tech Support at 888-211-4727.  Sprint Service/Repair centers can be found at

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