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How do I transfer contacts from Instinct to Blackberry Curve?


How do I transfer contacts from Instinct to Blackberry Curve?

Hi!  I currently have the Instinct, and will be switching my service to a Blackberry Curve....once I switch the number over, How do I transfer my contact info?  Do i have to bring it to the store? 



You can log in to the Sprint Website and (under the tools section) access your contacts that are backed up online.  The Curve does not support the Mobile Sync backup method, however if you access before you switch phones, you can download those contacts as a CSV version.

You can then sync those contacts into Outlook and then use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to sync those contacts back to your device.

The Curve can also recieve contacts by paired Bluetooth device, however I'm not positive if the Instinct can send ALL contacts at once or just one by one.


When I went through this I found that the Instinct can receive contacts via Bluetooth just fine, but has a very hard time sending.

Taking it to the store would be the best option, but the CSV file should work just fine, if going to the store is a bit inconvenient.

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