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How to unlock Forward Locked pictures (8350i)


How to unlock Forward Locked pictures (8350i)

I have been everywhere trying to figure this out! I went thru the forums here, support, User's Guide, all thru the help on my phone, asked the person who did it... can't find an answer!!!!

There is a lock icon on a picture. The person that did it said they checked it, but don't know how they did it... I can't find anything on how to undo it. I can't download the pic to my computer, I can't mms it, I can't email it, just look at it on my phone!!!

When I try to go to help, I get an error message: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

I'm not getting mms with pictures now, again... I have rebooted my phone and pulled the battery...

Phone acting weird, not acting right, almost jumpy... I've had it about a year, so sounds about right for a phone to start giving out...

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