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I have the blackberry style and....


I have the blackberry style and....

Every few days my texting will just quit working, and it keeps saying (SMS error 97, permanent error)

im not even sure what Error 97 is, and if anyone knows how to fix or prevent it, please let me know.


I have the blackberry style and....

This can be related to a block on text or the number can be only 7 digits and not 10 digits. The steps to troubleshoot this start with verifying that the contact is saved only once in the phone and has ten digits in the number. Is this happening with all text messages or just one- or a few?  This is an account or provisioning issue and your device is fine.  We have to check a multitude of things to find out which one is causing the error message.  To fully troubleshoot we need to speak with you on something other than this device, you can go to the top of the webpage >>click on My Sprint>>My Account Wait for about 90 seconds and you should see the CHAT button appear next to your login name. Click on the CHAT button for someone to verify your account information and gain access to your account. You can also dial *2 from your handset. On the forums we have no access to your account.



Re: I have the blackberry style and....

Sorry that you're having issue with text messaging. Try re-registering your device.  From the BlackBerry Home screen, click the Options icon. Click Device. Click Advanced System Settings. Click Host Routing Table. Press Menu key. Choose Register Now. See if you get a registration messages a few seconds later. Afterwards remove the battery from your device for 1 minute then put it back in. Try again.

Hope this helps



I have the blackberry style and....

I have had many probems with the style and was unable to have it fixed via sprint stores or support.  I ended up downgrading the installed software with desktop manager (after backing up) and then I reinstalled the newest software.  This ended up fixing the problems I kept having.  I have found that using forums online helped me out over the years much more than sprint has after they inherited me from nextel, customer service has been a nightmare!

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