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I'm New To Wi-Fi on phones


I'm New To Wi-Fi on phones

I've never had a phone that was able to do anything more than just make calls and send texts. My current phone can access the web but it charges airtime fees for however long I'm connected so I don't like to use that. So now I'm thinking of getting the Blackberry Curve 8530 and I want to be able to connect to my school's wi-fi and go online without being charged for using the internet.

My question is: Is there such a thing as not being charged every time you use the internet on a phone? (As I said, I'm very new to going online with cellphones.)

And what kind of monthly plan is required for me to be able to do that? Does Sprint's 69.99/month plan include that?

If you can answer my question, thanks much


Wrong discussion forum, but I can't move it to the correct one, a moderator will have to do that.

The Blackberry Curve 8530 requires having an Everything Data plan, no matter what. So you would have to have a plan that includes text, picture and video messaging, unlimited internet access, the GPS Navigation, and Sprint TV/Radio.

Wi-Fi does not use the mobile network through Sprint at all, so even without a data plan you would not be charged. However since the phone already requires having a data plan, that's a moot point in this case. The purpose of the Wi-Fi is to allow you to use another internet connection that may be faster and lower latency than the wireless network. For Example, EvDO Rev. A can bring speeds up to 3Mbps, however your internet connection at home may be in excess of 20Mbps in some cases. The Wireless network latency will probably be around 150ms, whereas your internet at home may be less less than 20ms.

The Everything Data 450 plan is $69.99

The Everything Data 900 plan is $89.99

The Simply Everything (unlimited) plan is $99.99

The Everything Data plans include Any Mobile, Anytime so any mobile phone you talk to in the U.S. is unlimited, and for landline calls (the reason there are 450 or 900 minutes), your unlimited nights and weekends start at 7PM.

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