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I need help with my blacberry 8330


I need help with my blacberry 8330

Recently I started receiving text messages with attachments as a text message indicating I have new Picture mail. I then have to click on a link to see the attachment. I never had to do this before. I could easily view texts with attachments by opening up the text without having to do the steps described above.

Is there anybody else experiencing this? Did I unkowingly change a setting?


Re: I need help with my blacberry 8330

there are basically two kinds of blackberry 8330 curves with sprint in regards to picture mail.....

the older or first round of blackbkerry 8330 that have a DEC ESN --- starts out like 076......they will recieve a link that you have to click on to see picture....

Now the newer blackberry 8330 with a MSID serial number will recieve pictures without the link ---- you just get the picture....

Have you recently changed your 8330 to another 8330 problemly had a newer one and this replacment is a older blackberr curve....


Re: I need help with my blacberry 8330

That is most likely the reason. The older Curves were the 8330 models. Newer models were changed from ESNs to MEIDs, and the newer models are 8330m. Functionally, there are no differences in the phones. The only real difference you would notice as an end user is the way picture messages are received. If your device was replaced for insurance, or warranty, etc. you may have received an original 8330 model instead of an 8330m.

You should be able to see if you have an 8330m or not by going to Options > About and it will be listed on one of the pages at the top. It should say something along the lines of "Blackberry Curve 8330m".

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