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Is Sprint testing OS 4.71.42 for 9630-Tour?


Is Sprint testing OS 4.71.42 for 9630-Tour?

Was curious if someone was testing OS 4.71.42 too from Sprint? My Tour was immediately going back in the box, until I hear this little rumor and I need the following things fixed, or else this little berry is going back to Canada.

1) Trackball operation is beyond poor, it's awful and unresponsive at times. Very frustrating when your trying to actually use it. Turning up the sensitivity only makes it jump around faster. I need smoother operation, not faster operation.

2) The 9630 has awful reception usually hovering in the triple digits on the db meter and often leading to dropped calls. I feel the phone may be a fault, or the radio stack performs poorly using anything but perfect reception. What ever the issue, it's making for a poor phone experience.

3) The microphone on this is ghastly. It's probably a software issue because people hear me far better on the speakerphone than on the handset whereas normally this is the otherway around. I've listened to myself on voicemail, it's awful, murky, and sounds like i'm calling from a cave in Afghanistan or somewhere under the Atlantic. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, or related to the radio, but I expect much more from a $500 phone.

These are all show stopper issues, and I have until September 5 for a fix. I'm not going to risk the next two years on this Blackberry Lemon.


Re: Is Sprint testing OS 4.71.42 for 9630-Tour?

There is a thread here with some trackball information, from what I read in it the trackball issue is being investigated by Sprint and RIM who are working on a solution.

I have heard more than a couple complaints about the dropped calls and or poor reception, I don't think a new phone or OS would remedy this issue as there is other factors at play.

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