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Issues with the Blackberry Tour


Issues with the Blackberry Tour

I have been a Sprint customer for well over 6 years. I have been extremely happy, and often would recommend the service to friends--until today. As of today, my Blackberry Tour 9630 has been replaced 6 times. The first 4 times were for the widely reported trackball issues, and the last 2 times were for the TERRIBLE reception I have had with the phones. Each time the employees seem to treat me as if I am an idiot and have no clue what I was doing with my cell phone. One representative even told me to just use it as a phone. WHO USES THEIR PHONE AS JUST A PHONE ANYMORE?

In my most recent visit to the Sprint store at 12837 N. Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85032, I asked the representative, who noted he was a manager, what Sprint could do to keep me as a customer. He said all he could do is replace the phone through the warranty and barely smiled. I have looked at a number of options and truly feel that while Sprint is the best value for my money, because of all the headaches and aggravation I have with the phone, that value has been negated.

To make matters worse, the representative I dealt with today told me that a manager has the right to rectify my situation but did not do so. He did not even have the manager come speak to me when he saw I was having constant problems. EVEN WORSE, the representative did not change the Blackberry PIN at the BIS servers so could not send or receive email and had to wait on hold for customer service to get the problem corrected. While on the phone with customer service he made me feel yet again like I was an idiot and had no clue how to use my phone. After six phones, I know a little bit about how the Blackberry Tour works, thank you.

At this point, I assume that the Blackberry Tour is just a flop as a phone; heck, you don’t even sell it anymore... I no longer want this phone and the entire headache attached to it. What I would like for Sprint to do is replace my phone with a new Blackberry 9650, not a refurbished model but a brand new one, FREE. I am not being a demanding person; just expect my phone to work the way it promises to work.



Re: Issues with the Blackberry Tour

I absolutely agree with you on all fronts. Sprint is a great company in terms of being able to use the phone practically anywhere (except in my own house in a pretty large city and no I don't live in a valley or a hill) and getting all the services at a great price. However my experience with my Blackberry Tour has suddenly turned into a nightmare! I loved my phone for six months until it suddenly fried and I was left without a phone over the weekend while I waited for a new one to get shipped in. This is the only phone that I have which is becoming more prevalent but I'm seeing more and more as a huge mistake. Why no loaner? This phone works fantastic everywhere EXCEPT my own house. It works great at my parents house which is a black hole for every other cell company on the planet. It works great one block away from my house. The only thing that the Sprint representative said was yeah the Tour has terrible reception and then an oh so helpful shrug. And this new replacement is actually a refurb that has sucked from the minute I turned it on. I brought it back to get a hard restart but now I have a bunch of other issues. I have never had to take the battery out of any phone so often to reboot simply so it will function. This WAS a great phone for six months. So now I'm stuck with getting replacements for basic phone functionality(and yes, text, email and internet are BASIC functionality these days) until I can upgrade. Or spend $400-500 for a new one. Ridiculous.


Re: Issues with the Blackberry Tour

I agree with you, If your paying for a service and Phone Was provided from a Selection from their list of Phones That had a problem in  which you had to replace 6 Times they should give you another Phone of your choice, After all Sprint ask us to take a Servay of how We were treated by customer Service it Seems to me that the Client comes First but with You it sounds like  somebody dropped the Ball In your case, Its Your Choice but I would continue to contact them Until I got the right person that would take care of my problem!!! I Also am a Owner of a Blackberry Tour and I hope that with all of the Diffrent Issues that I have read about it also for mine is yet to come!!

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