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Koz Files Music From Sprint Digital Lounge


Koz Files Music From Sprint Digital Lounge

I have been disputing with sprint about all the music I had purchased through the Digital Lounge and how they did NOT transfer to my new phone becuase old sprint software was NOT compatible.

I finally got feed up arguing with managers and them telling me they would call me back becuase they were going to escalate my call to higher management.  NEVER did they call in the 72 hour time period.  I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau  The BBB contacted the corporate office in reference to my concern and FINALLY I go someones attention.  I have been disputing this since thanksgiving and the BBB is the mediator.  I DO NOT think sprint should have the right to treat their consumers like this.  We should have our money refunded for the songs that we have already bought.  If you are having these issues as well you need to contact the Better Business Bureau and file your complaint so that Sprint can realize what they are doing to the consumer and the BBB needs to be made aware of what Sprint is doing to the consumers!

It is very easy to file the complaint and have action taken.  The more people make the Better Business Bureau know what Sprint is doing the quick they can probably regulate what these cell companies do.

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