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Lost alarm icon on Curve 8330

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Lost alarm icon on Curve 8330

Apparently, while learning how to operate my new phone, I deleted the alarm icon rather than just hiding it. Unfortunately, before doing that, I had set a daily alarm. I don't need it any longer, yet without the alarm icon, I have no way to go in and delete it.

Is there any way to get that icon back?


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Re: Lost alarm icon on Curve 8330

I'm trying to reproduce this on my curve and I am unable to delete the icon.  I can hide it, but there's no delete option from the home screen.

Have you checked inside of any folders to see if it was moved? (Entertainment, Instant Messaging and Communities are the ones on there by default, plus you need to check any folders that you may have created.

Have you checked that applications screen to see if it's still installed?  (Options, Advanced Options, Applications, BlackBerry 4.5.0 Core Applications)

Under the BlackBerry Core Applications the module should be listed as 'net_rim_bb_alarm_app'.  If you don't see that you may have to hook up to the desktop manager and either reinstall it or wipe the blackberry and reinstall the OS.  But my guess would be if it's not hidded it got moved to a folder.


Re: Lost alarm icon on Curve 8330

I had not even considered that & that's exactly what happened. Thank you SO much! My coworkers will appreciate not hearing my alarm go off at 1:23 every day!


Re: Lost alarm icon on Curve 8330

You're very welcome.  I'm glad I could help.

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