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MMS Not Working on New BB Style


MMS Not Working on New BB Style

I recently purchased the new BB Style 9670, and I cannot get the MMS service to work.  Blackberry advertises the Style as having MMS capabilities, and in fact there are In and Out boxes for MMS in the messages application under "view folder".  With my old BB Pearl, there was a specific menu option to send an MMS, vs an SMS.  On the Style, such an option is nowhere to be found.  The issue is more than being able to send a picture or video.  With my old Pearl, I could send an MMS with more than 160 characters.  The BB text message application cuts you off at 160 characters.  You have to start a new message to send one longer than that.   I can't believe that a high end phone like the Style can't send MMS.  Sprint, are you somehow blocking this?  I've called tech support numerous times on this, and no one can find an answer.  It's not just my specific phone either.  I went into a Sprint store and the demo Style they had in the store also didn't have the MMS option.  Sprint customer support says I'm on the correct data plan ( BES).  It's not the firewall setting on the phone - I've checked.  It's not our Enterprise Server IT policy, per my IT department.  Any thoughts out there on this??


Re: MMS Not Working on New BB Style

i want to report the same problem...however, it just started manifesting on my style...after 2 months.

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