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MMS on OS 6??


MMS on OS 6??

Hello all, I am really hoping someone will be able to help me. I recently updated my 3G Curve with the OS6 wireless update through my phone. Now, I have no MMS capabilities. I know that I can type a 160 character text and attach a pic to it, but that is doing me no good when I want to fwd an MMS from someone there a way to get it back? If not, how do I get back to my old OS so that I can have MMS again?? (I may need quite explicit instructions as I am not the most tech savy person on earth...) Thank you very much for any help you may be able to provide....


Re: MMS on OS 6??

Right after you updated it to OS 6.0 Their was a file about the upgrade and you could downgrade it back to OS 6.0 from their.      But as MMS, I don't think so

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