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My phone have a lots a problems and I'm tired of it.


My phone have a lots a problems and I'm tired of it.

Hi my name is Pedro Ganchala i bought the BlackBerry Tour 9630 hoping that it would help me with my job duties but instead I got really disappointed,  first of all because the phone star having problems with the track ball, so I took it to "customer services" and the guys from there laugh saying that the Tour has a lots of problems, in the pass couple months I have change the phone for a referral which was worst than before every time I change it, every month I went to the sprint store with a problem, always something show up, if it was not the track ball it was the internet, or problems with call, could not make calls or the people call but my phone would not make a sound not even show up in the screen, the thing that got me really disappointed was the recently problems, the phone would not make the alerts for appointments, of any kind, I am a Personal Trainer and because of that problem my boss been really offset with me , I went to the sprint store and they told me that this phone it is a piece of c*rap and that they could not do anything, just give me a referral phone and I'm tired of getting someone else garbage,  that was the last thing that make me think about switch form phone and phone company, in the future I going to tell everyone about how bad Blackberry Tour 9630 is and the problems that I face because of that. have a nice day


Re: My phone have a lots a problems and I'm tired of it.

You should be able to contact customer service viA PHONE and complain about the phone. I would advise you to look into your warranty time n see if you are within the manufacturers warranty time to get it replaced.

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