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Need help deactivating google voice

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Need help deactivating google voice

I set up google voice and now I am unable to deactivate it.  I have tried *38 with my cell phone and it is still not going to my normal sprint voicemail.  Please help!!!


Re: Need help deactivating google voice


I'm sorry you're having issues deactivating Google voice service on your account. Have you tried deactivating from your Google account yet using the steps below?

  1. Go to Google Voice and log on with Google Account information.
  2. Click phone number or click Settings
  3. Click Voice Settings.

  1. In Settings, click Disable.
  2. At prompt, click Disable Sprint Account.
    • Note: Disabling the Sprint account will remove it from the Google Voice account.
      • All existing voicemail and text messages will remain available in the inbox.

  1. Google disables the Sprint Account.
  2. Voice Mail services are restored to Sprint.
    • Other Services may need to be manually added back, such as call tones and Integrated Office.

  1. Sprint Phone number is removed from Google Voice.

If you're still having issues after having tried the above steps, let me know we can check our internal systems to verify your voicemail is the default Sprint voicemail system.

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