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New voicemail system required for Style?

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New voicemail system required for Style?

I replaced a borrowed Sanyo Pro 700 with a Style, recently. Upon activating the Style I noticed option 2 to Send a voicemail was absent from the spoken voicemail prompts. I raised the issue with a local Sprint store and they took the phone for half a day and reported the issue was fixed. I stayed in the store long enough to initialize voicemail and they could hear that option #2 was missing after they fixed the problem. They were astonished but had no immediate ideas. They said they would need more time to research the issue.

Upon reminding them of the ticket a few weeks later I was told that this must be an issue with Blackberries and that I have probably lost that feature

I rather enjoy having that feature as it allows me to respond to a chronically confrontational family member with a spoken message instead of texting or email. Reading texts is difficult for her (age) and e-mail access is unreliable.

I would like to know if the "press 2 to send a voicemail" feature is truly gone from what appears to be a completely new voicemail system.

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New voicemail system required for Style?

Your new phone doeshave an entirely new voicemail system call Visual Voicemail. Visual Voicemail is made pimiarily to use on-screen prompts rather than the old-style automated voicemail. It's important to know that while you cansend voicemails as in the old system, (through the on-screen prompts) that you can only send these voicemails to other Visual Voicemail users. The two voicemail systems aren't capable of sending a voicemails to one another.

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